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Application Of Tablet Press in Confectionery Industry

Jun 13, 2021

making candy press machine is extremely excellent in corrosion resistance and hardness of material of mould and it will never break down because it has extremely low error rate.

Numerous people have used it and numerous people always precise it for its extremely good performance that is it will never break down for reasons.

It is a perfect candy making equipment which is suitable for all kinds of tablet making and it has been widely loved by people from all walks of life at home and abroad.

making candy press machine is a extremely good helper for all kinds of candy tablet making industry and it always run rapidly and stably.

making candy press machine is easy tocleaning and ZP 27D can successfully prevent all kinds of cross pollution of materials and it totally meets the GMP standard rules.

The turntable of this equipment is extremely strong in its hardness and ZP29D has extremely excellent heat resistance and it is durable due to its material QT500.

making candy press machine has extremely accurate and convenient adjustment and all the adjustments including the depth ofpressing and pressure are totally digital.

This equipment has extremely low noise < 75Dba so it can give clients a nice environment and it has stable structure due to its material.

It is perfectly strong in hardness and perfectly light in weight and perfectly wonderful in candy press machine operation.

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