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Detailed Interpretation Of Common Problems Of Aluminum Plastic Blister Machine (I)

Aug 19, 2021

There are many ways for aluminum-plastic blister packaging machines because of different manufacturers. At present, the existing aluminum-plastic blister packaging machines can be divided into the following three categories:

roller plate continuous aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, plate intermittent aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and plate continuous aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine (this model has not been widely used).

The heat sealing of aluminum-plastic blister machine is divided into drum type and flat plate type. The effect of plate type hot pressing sealing is better than drum type hot pressing sealing, and drum type hot pressing sealing is better than plate type hot pressing sealing in terms of speed and reliability.

According to the production experience, it is found that the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machinery capsule is easy to have problems in blister forming, hot pressing sealing and blanking. The following briefly describes how to deal with these problems.

1. Blister forming

According to the principle that blister forming is that PVC hard sheet is heated and molded into a blister with the necessary shape and size by compressed air, the problems arising from the molded blister must be handled from the following aspects:

1. If the forming of general blister is not full or the forming blister breaks, the following aspects must be checked:

(1) Check whether the PVC hard piece is a qualified product or has pores

(2) Whether the appearance of the forming die is clean and free of foreign matters, whether the forming holes are lubricated and whether the pores are sluggish;


(3) Is there any burr or other foreign matter on the surface of the heating equipment that cuts the heated PVC or adheres to PVC

(4) Is there a crack in the high and low heating plate

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