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Main Problems Of Blister Packing Machine

Jul 16, 2021



The Answer


What other device does the machine have to use?

The blister packing machine needs to receive electricity, receiving water and air compressor before use; if receiving water, can use natural water or circulating water; if circulating water needs to buy water pump; can also bring water cooler. Generally, 260 machines must be equipped with cold coolers.


Size of package

Both the pvc and aluminum plastic paper core internal diameter are 76 mm, and the PVC roll film maximum diameter is 300mm; aluminum foil is 250mm;


10mm circular tablets, 14 tablets, aluminum blocks, machine production is the 260?

Can be out of 5 boards, blunt is 30 times / points


The size of the essence plate is a 48x30mm; 160 device?

One out and three, this kind of can use a drag three peristaltic pump, namely a peristaltic pump with three material mouths, the cost price is 7,000 yuan


If the mold is the same size, but the depth is different, do you need to do a new set?

No, as long as the mold mold and hot seal mold;


What is the fastest number of 260 equipment?

40 One points


Number 00 capsule, one edition of 10,260 equipment can be a few editions

One out and three


Honey plate 50x32,260 out how much?

One out of eight


How many is 140?



Whether the cursor pair version must have a touch screen

Can be without touch screen


No.3 capsule, aluminum packaging, 80 equipment can row how much grain

blister packaging machine Up to 6 rows


Maximum load bearing of 130 aluminum and plastic machine package material

Both the PVC and the aluminum foil are 30kg


Dimensions and tolerance of the cursor

Width 3mm, length 5mm or 6mm, tolerance is ± 0.5


Does the height of the brush adjust too high to produce missing particles?

The distance between the brush from PVC is generally 1mm, and depends on the thickness of the tablet


160 has another solution

Make two accumulators


The customer requires explosion-proof

To confirm that the electrical explosion-proof? Does the motor also require the explosion-proof work


Can the customer's elevator length is 2m, Does our 150 equipment go in

Demolition is ok, the net length is 1.8m, width is 0.65m


Dimensions of the DPP-160R



The maximum packaging size of the model DPP-160R



The voltage of DPP-130 aluminum is generally 220V or 380V



What is the maximum plate size of the DPP-130 aluminum aluminum



DPP-90 Pack 15g chocolate sauce, usually a few at a time

One out or two


Can aluminum only use backwords?

Yes, typing the positive words will be a group, can not see clearly


What is the precision of the peristalsis pump?

Depending on the filling volume, it is generally positive or negative%; such as 1ml perfume, the accuracy is generally±1%


After the general depth of more than 30 millimeters, the normal speed of the machine is about 15 times, the specific depends on the final confirmed sample

Generally only DPP-160R blister packing machine automatic and DPP-260 blister packing machine automatic devices can achieve the deepest 35mm


How to adjust the PVC and aluminum foil

Step 1: the width of PVC and the width of the white ring, PVC needs to be in the center of the mold;

The second part: The width of the guide on both sides of the bubble needs to be adjusted to the edge of the bubble, so that the bubble will not shift left and right during operation;

There are also different mold thickness will also have deviation, so each replacement of the mold needs to adjust the height of the mold;

The nuts referred to in the picture are the adjustment nuts, there are a total of four, generally the most suitable position is that the two molds just stick to and will not be air leakage is verified one by one.

Adjust the mold level needs to pay attention to, the pressure can not be too large, too large the machine will vibrate, will produce noise


Can the big honey pill of traditional Chinese medicine be added automatically

Generally hand feeding

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