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The Working Principle And Process Of Rotary Tablet Press

Jul 13, 2021
1. working principle

The operating power of the 27D rotary tablet press machine is provided by a built-in motor below.

The power is transmitted to the V-belt pulley through the stepless speed regulating wheel of the stepping motor, and then the specific worm shaft is driven by the friction wheel in the clutch attached to the drive shaft of the motor, and is transmitted to the cam below the turntable through this worm, thereby driving the turntable to rotate.

The 27 sets of punches carry out the circular movement of the turntable together with the turntable, and move up and down along the upper and lower guide rails of the fixed middle mold.

Through the forced feeding device, filling device and tablet pressing device of the tablet press, the continuous tableting process such as feeding, filling, tableting and finishing of finished tablets are completed.

2. Tableting process

(1) Feeding: When the undercut of the mold runs below the forced feeder, the powder material enters the mold hole.

(2) Filling: When the rotary tablet press runs down to the top of the tablet re-finger, the scraper will flatten the last grid of the filler to push out the excess powder.

(3) Tablet pressing: When the under punch of 27D runs above the lower press roller, the upper press at the same time runs under the upper press roller. At this time, the distance between the upper and lower dies is the smallest. At this time, the powder material in the die hole will be formed under pressure.

(4) Ejection: After completing the tablet pressing machinery process, the upper and lower dies start to rise along the established track respectively. When the under punch runs to the top of the ejection regulator, the finished tablet will be pushed out of the die hole by it, and then ejected with the scraper. Finally, a tablet pressing process is completed in the container, and then repeated.
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