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Tips For Repairing And Maintaining The Die Of The Tablet Press

Jul 09, 2021

As an important part of the tablet press, the die is responsible for pressing various powders into different shapes and sizes, and during this work they may need to withstand pressures of up to 12 tons or more. Continuous high-intensity work makes the die one of the vulnerable parts of the tablet press.

But if we can pay attention to the daily repair and maintenance of the die, it will reduce the loss of the tablet making machine die, extend its service life, and reduce production costs.

Now I provide you with a few suggestions for maintaining the die:

1. The use and wear of the die should be checked by a dedicated person, and there should be a special record;

2. The die should avoid long-term storage in high temperature and humid places;

3. Before each use of the die, the die should be carefully checked for cracks, chipping, deformation and other issues.

4. After each use, the materials on the die should be carefully cleaned to keep the surface of the die dry and tidy;

5. In the process of using, reducing will avoid the situation of high pressure. Under the premise of not affecting the tableing effect, the pressure should be reduced as much as possible;

6. No need to press hard materials such as metal powder;

7. When the die is not used for a long time, it should be disassembled from the machine, scrubbed clean, coated with anti-rust oil, and stored in the die room;

8. When replacing part of the tablet pressing machine die, you should carefully debug, pay attention to the cooperation between the new and old die, and avoid the difference in die length.
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