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Overseas Service Of Capsule Filling Machine

Jul 06, 2021

In June, our Rich Packing company's engineers responsible for providing overseas services flew to Norway as planned to install and debug the capsule filling machine that arrived at the customer's place in advance.

Our Rich Packing company provides customers with a free warranty service of up to 3 years.

The service starts from the time the purchased machine arrives at the customer's designated location.

The free warranty service provided by the company for capsule manufacturing machine products includes video assistance, telephone online communication and on-site service.

The above services are based on the needs of customers and the corresponding emergency response mechanism. We have perfect solutions.

Our company's service engineers for after-sales services are on the hotline for 20 hours, and video and telephone services will start immediately after receiving a response.

The overseas and local installation and commissioning service of the capsule machine will start the visa procedure immediately after receiving the customer's demand.

Once approved by the government department, we will immediately set off to the customer's local area, even if it is still in the current situation of the new crown epidemic.

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