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Seven Steps, Rich Packing Teaches You How To Choose Blister Packing Machine!

Jul 22, 2021
1. Production of blister packaging machine

The output depends on the number of packages that the blister packer can handle in a specific time. You should consider buying a machine that can meet the output requirements of the production system.

2. Speed of blister packer

You should choose a machine with variable speed limit. You can control it easily. For example, you can get a machine that can complete 10-20 modules in one minute.

3. Travel range of blister packaging machine

This determines how far the blister packer can cover in the packaging process, such as 40 – 220 mm.

4. Dimensions of blister packaging machine

This includes the dimensions and weight specifications of the blister packer, which will determine the mechanical space in your workshop.

5. Power and pressure requirements of blister packaging machine

This involves the energy required by the machine to perform a specific function, and the air pressure requirement will determine the force required for the complete sealing material.

6. Material specification

You should look at a machine that allows you to change the material according to the type of production you have to make. In such cases, you have to end up with a mechanical mechanism with cold forming or hot forming.

7. Initiative degree of blister packaging machine

This will determine whether you want a manual or active blister packer depending on the cost.
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