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Working Principles And Installation Of Powder Tablet Press Machine

Jul 23, 2021

Introduction to powder tablet press

Powder tablet press is a small, basket type continuous automatic tablet press. It is one of the necessary equipment for processing granular raw materials into tablets or granules in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industrial departments. It is suitable for small batch production, laboratories, hospitals and other departments to suppress tablets, coal contact, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, coffee tablets, powder metallurgy, electronic components and various agricultural chemical fertilizer tablets. The utility model can suppress various special-shaped and circular tablets, and can suppress tablets with trademarks, words and simple graphics engraved on both sides.

Working principle of powder tablet press

The powder tablet pressing machine is characterized by a small desktop electric continuous tablet pressing machine, which can also be manually operated. The extruded tablets have average thickness, high gloss and no polishing. Because the single sheet press has only one die, it is called single sheet press; The filling depth and tablet thickness of materials can be adjusted.

Installation and commissioning of powder tablet press

1. Installation of rotary tablet press:

The whole machine can be hoisted by stringing steel wire rope into the top or transported by forklift. The whole machine shall be leveled before the machine is in place.

2. Installation of tablet press power line:

The cable specification is suitable for motor power, voltage and current. The cable is connected by flexible cable through the main switch through the wire pipe or socket plug; The cable enters the electrical box through the outgoing coil behind the base.

The direction of rotation of the motor of the full-automatic tablet press shall be consistent with the indicator plate (i.e. it rotates counterclockwise from the outer end of the pulley on the motor). Before checking the direction of rotation, remove the V-belt, install the V-belt after checking, and then confirm the correctness of the direction of rotation through the clockwise button.

3. Firstly, cut off the power supply on the rotary tablet press, remove the hopper 44, feeder 57 and middle die platen 19, wipe the die holes, upper and lower punch holes and dies of the middle die platen, and then follow the following steps.

(1) First, insert the lower punch pin of the small tablet press into the hole of the lower punch 21, insert it to the root, and then align it with the notch of the machine body and tighten the screw 59;

(2) Install the upper punch pin of the small rotary tablet press into the 16 hole of the upper punch rod, insert it to the root, and tighten the fastening screw

(3) Install the middle mold of the tablet machine into the 19 holes of the middle mold platen. Note that the end face of the middle mold must be 0 ~ 0.05mm lower than the platen plane, and tighten the set screws 42 on both sides.

(4) Install the middle formwork platen on the machine body, insert the lower punch, rotate the large pulley 32 to make the upper punch enter the middle formwork hole. The gap shall be uniform, the upper and lower parts shall be flexible without interference and hard friction, and then tighten the fixing bolts between the middle formwork platen and the machine body

(5) Install the removed parts such as feeder.

4. Adjustment of filling depth of tablet rotary tablet press

Loosen the set screws on both sides of the filling adjusting nut. The filling depth can be increased by lowering the nut. After adjustment, tighten the fastening screws. Note that the filling depth shall not exceed 45mm.

5. Adjustment of tablet thickness of automatic rotary tablet press

The eccentric sleeve 35 on the eccentric housing 05 connected with the upper punch is equipped with a scale, and its value represents the depth of the upper punch into the middle die. Before adjustment, loosen the fastening bolts on the eccentric housing 05, drive the eccentric sleeve 35 through the bevel gear to adjust the plate thickness, and tighten the bolts and nuts after adjustment to prevent loosening.

6. Tablet output adjustment of automatic tablet press

Rotate the belt pulley (clockwise) to make the lower punch rise to the highest position, loosen the screws on both sides of the sheet out adjusting nut, rotate the sheet out adjusting nut to make the upper end face of the lower punch flush with the end face of the middle die, and tighten the screws on both sides after adjustment.

7. Adjustment of feeder of automatic rotary tablet press

When rotating the pulley to make the upper end face of the lower punch rise to the highest (level with the middle die), adjust the flexible joint (loosen the nut before adjustment) to make the front end face of the feeder close to the solid nut at the edge of the outer diameter of the lower punch, and then rotate the pulley (must rotate clockwise) to make the feeder move forward and backward several times still meet the requirements.

8. The adjustment of the position of the down punch lever directly affects the stability of the filling amount.

Rotate the pulley to lower the lower punch to the lowest position, that is, the filling adjusting nut is close to the machine body, adjust the upper and lower nuts, make the half round head of the lower punch lever close to the upper end face of the filling adjusting nut, and tighten the upper and lower nuts.

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