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The Common Faults Of Cartoning Machine

Jun 11, 2021

As the back-end packaging equipment, cartoning machine is widely used in various industries because of its high degree of automation, improving efficiency and saving manpower.

Packing machine used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be some small faults, the following share the common faults of carton box packing machine. Hope to help you.

One of the common faults of Cartoner

The carton of the cartoning machine is not formed or ejected at the opening of the feeding template after being sucked down

1. First check whether the carton is too hard.

2. Check whether the position of the guide bar for placing the carton and the box feeding template is not correct.

3. Check whether the small hook spring at the back of the box feeding template is deformed.

4. Check whether the height between the suction head and the box feeding track is correct.

Two common faults of Cartoner Packing Machine

The cartons of the cartoning machine can not be sucked down

1. Whether the cartons are placed in order.

2. Whether the cartons are pasted together.

3. Whether the air pressure of suction head is normal.

Three common faults of Cartoner Machinery

Belt gap shutdown or shutdown of the cartoner:

1. Stop the machine to check whether there is a shortage of materials and start the machine automatically.

2. Stop the machine and check whether the power supply, motor or governor are normal.

Four common faults of Automatic Cartoner Machine

The manual of the cartoner can not be sucked down

1. First check whether the instruction manual is deformed, resulting in the suction head can not hold.

2. Let's see if the suction head is parallel to the instruction.

3. Whether the width of instruction paper is different, the error must be within 1 mm. It is appropriate to adjust the stacking position of the manual to be 0.5 mm different from the inner edge when the suction head rises to the highest position.

4. The movement time of the paper separating hook above the suction head of the origami machine is too early. Generally, the small hook should be inserted into the gap between the paper and the paper before the suction head is about to fall. The height of the small hook should be adjusted at a distance of 0.5 mm when the suction head is at the highest position.

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