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The Most Popular Model of Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

Jun 07, 2021
The most popular model of tablet capsule counting machine is DSL-8D tablet capsule counting machine for pharmaceutical.

Electric pharmacy counting machine for capsule tablets is accurate in counting and it operates rapidly and intelligently and it totally meets the standards rules of CE cGMP GMP. It is a creative equipment which can run accurately and stably and this 8D model of counting machine is the seventh generation product in our Rich Packing company. It is playing the significant roles in accurate counting and canning at high production speed.

All parts of the DSL-8D electronic counting machine that people can touch or the drugs can touch are safe and totally meets the standards of GMP.

All kinds of things can be available no matter what the colour of the material is and what size of the material is.

Its scientific design ensures the zero electromagnetic interference and has 0 signal fault of inner equipment due to DSL-8D capsule counting machine's dust prevention system. Not only just zero dust but also it can be freely and easily cleaned and maintained by the people at any time.

This electric counting machine for pills capsules tablets has higher accuracy rate of more then 99.98% than the standards of industry to meet the high accuracy needs of the clients.

It utilizes multi stage vibrator to ensure the stable vibration especially to ensure the smooth running of the irregular material to ensure the high precision rate.

It utilizes technology of the self-made electronic counting and infrared ray to scan with total 360 degree to check totally to ensure the good precision.
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