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The Die Structure Of The Tablet Press

Sep 24, 2021

The die is a tablet press die that suppresses the tablet.

The task end faces of the upper and lower punches constitute the appearance of the tablet, and the aperture of the middle die is the diameter of the tablet.

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The punch die is the primary mission element of the tablet press RQ-ZP.

Most of pairs of punching dies contain the three parts: as the upper punch, middle die, and these lower punch. The structures of the high and low punching dies are the similar, and the punching diameters are also equal.

The mold holes of the middle mold work together, and they can slide freely in the middle mold hole, but there will be no gaps that can leak the powder.

According to the shape of the die structure, it can be divided into circular and irregular shapes (including polygonal and curved shapes).

The shape of the end face of the punch includes three-dimensional, hypotenuse, shallow concave, deep concave and comprehensive shapes, etc.

The three-dimensional and hypotenuse punches of tablet press machine are used to suppress flat cylindrical tablets, and the shallow concave is used to suppress Biconvex tablets, deep-concave shapes are mainly used for suppressing the chips of coated tablets, and comprehensive shapes are mainly used for suppressing special-shaped tablets.

In order to facilitate the identification and taking of medicines, markings such as the name, dosage, and vertical type and horizontal lines of these medicine can also be engraved on the end face of the dies.

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