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What is a Multi-Punch Rotary Tablet Press

Jul 13, 2021
At present, as people pay more and more attention to health, the drug and health care product market in the whole world has also become larger and larger.

The demand for fast manufacturing of tablets is also increasing.

At present, rotary tablet presses are widely used in most countries to make tablets.

Rotary tablet press is also called multi-punch rotary tablet machine.

The upper and lower punches are composed of more than 10 dies.

The filling method of this machine is scientific and reasonable.

The upper, middle and lower punching dies move through the circle of the turntable.

The relative movement of up and down rises and falls, and the pressure distribution of the operation is very uniform.

The weight difference of the tablets made by 29D is small, the surface of the tablets is smooth, and the structure of the whole tablet is compact.

The 29D machine can realize continuous operation and high production efficiency.

The rotary tablet press is a multi-punch tablet machine widely used in pharmaceutical production at present.

The hot-selling models on the market are different, but the pressing principle and mechanical mechanism are basically the same.

Rotary tablet presses are usually divided into 17 punches, 21 punches, 27 punches, 29 punches, 33 punches, 35 punches, 55 punches and so on according to the number of die holes on the turntable.

The middle mold turntable of the tablet press can complete a complete tablet pressing process after one rotation, including filling, tablet pressing, and tablet discharging operations.

The structure of the tablet can be divided into single pressure, double pressure and so on.

The single pressure of the tablet press machinery means that one tablet is produced from one die hole when the turntable rotates one round, and the double pressure means that two tablets are produced from one die hole when the turntable rotates one round.
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