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Rotary Pill Tablet Press Machine

Our factory's tablet press products includethe variety of low-speed, medium speed and high-speed rotary tablet presses.Our customers can choose to match with matching pulverizer, mixer, wet granulator, boiling dryer, rotary vibrating screen andthecoating machine. The function is to complete the manufacture of tablets of various sizes, shapes and two-color tablets.

  • Product Name

    ZP-29D Tablet Press Machine
  • After-Sales Provided

    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
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  • Lead Time

    In Stock 7 Days Fast Delivery.
  • Product Function:

    For Tablet Pill Pressing
  • Certification:

    ISO, SGS, CE, etc.
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  • Loading Port:

    Yantian Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
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Rotary Pill Tablet Press Machine RQ-ZP-29D

Our RICH PACKING factory's tablet press products include a variety of low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed rotary tablet presses. Customers can choose to match the supporting crusher, mixer, wet granulator, boiling dryer, rotarythevibrating screen, andthe acoating machine. The function is tofinish the manufacture of tablets of various sizes and shapes, as well as two-color tablets.

tablet press rotary

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rotary tablet press

***  Technical parameter

Name ZP-29D tablet press machine

Production capacity

75500 max pcs/hour

Max. pressure


After warranty service

video technical support, Online support, Field maintenance and repairing.


380/220V    50Hz

Total power


***  parts of moulds of ZP29D.

rotary pill press

***  A new design for safety in ZP29D.

rotary tablet press

***  29D's safety protection device.

tablet pill press rotary

***  Certification: SGS, CE, ISO

high speed tablet making machine


We at Rich Packing have a variety of professional medical equipment and packaging equipment manufacturers with nearly 30 years of experience in the production of large-scale equipment. The main product is to provide customers with a complete set of tablet press production solutions for the manufacture of tablets and candy tablets.

The ZP series tablet press we manufacture is a high-end automatic rotary tablet press that can produce ring-shaped, round, square, special-shaped and two-color tablets from powder and granules without interruption and high pressure.

This type of high-end version of the ZP tablet press is the preferred product designed for mass production by manufacturers such as pharmaceutical, chemical and food manufacturers. It can also be easily solved by adjusting the number of dies and increasing the pressure value for materials that are difficult to press. The ZP tablet press complies with cGMP production standards in Europe and the United States. And submitted a test application and passed various CE and SGS certifications. Our high-end ZP series tablet press also has the advantages of easy operation by workers and high operating pressure.

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tablet pressing machine service

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The Our RQ company's this tablet press model ZP29D that meets the requirements of GMP production environment standards has the big output in per unit time because ZP29Dt uses a completely different the dual pressure device method than the other low-end tablet presses.The ZP29D adopts double pressure methods so the maximum output of it can reach 75000 PCS per hour.
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This model type of ZP series tablet pressing machine is called ZP55, because when our the RQ company designed and the manufactured this machine, we have designed it as a tablet press with 55 upper and lower punching molds. The working speed of this tablet press ZP55 is fast, ZP55 can produce more than 250,000 tablets per hour.
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The zp29d sub high speed tablet press and the central parts of the tablet press produced by our factory are sold by international well-known companies. For example, the central machine intelligent operating system PLC is purchased from Siemens in Germany. Zp29d sub high speed tablet press has excellent production effect. Zp29d can produce 75500 tablets per hour.
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