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Njp-1500D Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Cleaning Operation Guide

Jul 10, 2021
(1) Enter the manual page of the 1500D fully active capsule filling machine, and adjust the frequency to between 10Hz-15Hz. Raise the powder hopper, move the electric hand wheel of the main engine, raise the filling bracket to the highest point, unscrew the bolts at both ends of the filling bracket, add nuts as a spacer, adjust the two bolts to the same height, and place them under the filling bracket for three-dimensional movement. The host handwheel takes out the filling bracket.

(2) Unscrew the bolts at both ends of the powder baffle plate of the capsule filling machine, and take out the powder baffle plate.

(3) Remove the residual powder in the powder storage ring, use a T-type socket wrench to unscrew the bolts, and then remove the metering plate and metering chassis.

(4) Take out the capsule in the capsule bucket of the fully active capsule filling machine, click the jog button to broadcast the capsule in the capsule tube, and close the capsule switch.

(5) Use medical alcohol with a purity of 76% to wash and disinfect the fully active capsule filling machine.

(6) Jog the button of the main machine of the fully active capsule machine, use the brush in the tool box that comes with the machine to implement the inner hole of each group of high and low modules, the three-dimensional under the upper mold and the three-dimensional under the lower mold, washing and wiping clean.

(7) The powder hopper, filling rod, powder stopper, and metering plate can all be washed and wiped with alcohol.

(8) After ensuring that the alcohol is air-dried, install and produce it.
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