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Operation Guidelines For Fat Blister Packaging Machine

Jul 13, 2021
We buy the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine. After the assembly is completed in the workshop, the approximate operating steps of the aluminum-plastic machine we need to know are as follows:

① Clean the machine first. Prepare the pharmaceutical materials that need to be packaged, the outer packaging materials, and the production batch number template that needs to be replaced. Then install the PVC and aluminum foil, and check whether the cooling water is sufficient;

②Turn on the power switch device and connect the compressed air connected to the cylinder;

③Press the heating button of the machine, and adjust the heating and heat sealing temperature control tables to the appropriate temperature according to the thickness of the packaging material and other parameters;

④ Pull the PVC material under the cutting knife of blister packaging machine automatic through the transmission channel, and pull the aluminum foil material under the heat sealing plate;

⑤ When waiting for the temperature of the heating plate and the heat sealing plate to rise to the preset value, adjust the cooling temperature gauge of the cold machine to the appropriate temperature (this value is generally 30°C);

⑥When the drug materials to be packaged cover the entire unloading track, press the green button of the servo motor, first turn on the empty machine, wait for the molding, heat sealing and punching stations to meet the requirements, press the vibration feeding of the feeder switch;

⑦When the blanking is adjusted, the blanking must meet the requirements before normal packaging;

⑧After the packaging is finished, it is necessary to shut down automatic blistering machine in the following order: Press the shutdown button of the tablet hopper-press the red button of the motor-stop the main engine-turn off the main power switch-turn off the air inlet valve-turn off the water inlet valve. Then clean up the machine and the site, and maintain the packaging equipment.

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