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16 Channel Capsule Tablet Filling Packing Line

The pharmaceutical industry places great importance on the precision and swiftness of packaging production lines, which lay the foundation for efficient pharmaceutical production. Our 16-channel tablet and capsule bottling production line, capable of churning out 70 bottles per minute (assuming each bottle contains 60 pieces), plays a pivotal role in enhancing production efficiency and improving product quality.

  • Product Name

    DSL 16B Automatic Counting Machine Line
  • Product Function:

    Counting Tablet / Capsule / Pill / Candy/Button
  • After-Sales Provided:

    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  • Warranty:

  • Certification:

    cGMP CE ISO SGS and etc
  • Lead Time:

    7 Days Fast Delivery
  • MOQ.:

  • Loading Port:

    Yantian, Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
  • Product Detail

16 Channel Capsule Tablet Filling Packing Line

tablet counting and bottling line

tablet bottling machine line

tablet counting bottling line

tablet pill bottling line

tablet bottling line filling

capsule counting bottling line

automatic tablet counting line

Our tablet filling and counting line serves primarily for the packaging of medicines in plastic bottles. Typically, the production line processes entail bottle unpacking, pill counting, desiccant insertion, cotton plugging, capping, and labeling. This completely automatic production line offers sturdy, reliable support for pharmaceutical production, impressing with its efficiency and precision.

Our robust 16-channel tablet and capsule counting bottling production line brings together equipment including counting machines, bottle unscramblers, desiccant filling machines, capping machines, and labeling machines.

The pill counting machine delivers an accurate and swift counting of tablets and capsules, setting the stage for the forthcoming filling step. The capping machine applies the caps tightly and promptly, assuring the medicines' safe storage. Meanwhile, the labeling machine adheres necessary information labels to the bottles, ensuring the provision of essential product details.

We extend our on-site services across the globe, inclusive of equipment installation, commissioning, and user training. While these services entail a daily cost of US$550, shouldered by the users, we are confident that our potent and reliable equipment, coupled with our professional and mindful services, will serve as a significant bolster for your production efficiency.

We frequently participate in packaging and pharmaceutical machinery exhibitions worldwide and eagerly anticipate interacting and negotiating with you at these events.

In summary, the tablet counting and capping line is a highly flexible and efficient production line, making it an ideal choice for both large pharmaceutical firms and efficiency-renowned pharmaceutical factories. Every operational step of this line is akin to a work of art- its precision and efficacy ensuring the quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical production.


***   Technician Parameters


RQ-DSL-16C Counting Line

vibration groove tracks

16 lane

Production capacity

70 bottles/minute

accuracy rate


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