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Replacing The Dosing Plate And Filling Rod Of The Capsule Filling Machine

Oct 10, 2021

capsule filling machine

1. Loosen The Fastening Screw Of Capsule Filling Machine To Raise The Powder Hopper With Spring Force;

2. Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Remove The Remaining Powder In The Medicine Pool Ring;

3. Use The Handle To Move The Main Engine To Make The Punch Seat At The Highest Position;

4. Loosen And Remove The Cap Nut, Turn The Knob Clockwise To Raise The Pressure Plate And The Filling Holder And Lift It Off;

5. Remove The Small Pressure Plate Screw With The Long Hole Under The Holder, And Remove The Filling Rod. After Changing The Filling Rod, Press On The Small Pressure Plate And Tighten The Screws For Installation;

6. First Loosen The Screws On The Barrier Plate And Pull Out The Barrier Plate Upwards, Unscrew The Two Fastening Screws At Both Ends Of The Powder-Containing Ring Cover, Use The Handle To Move The Main Engine Accordingly, Loosen The Four Fastening Screws That Fix The Powder-Containing Ring, And Connect The Powder Ring To The Cover. The Plate Is Gradually Lifted Away From The Dose Plate And Taken Out From The Front, Without Removing The Plunger Seat Plate;

7. Use A Special Wrench To Remove The Three Screws That Fasten The Dose Plate, And Then Remove The Dose Plate;

8. After Cleaning The Powder In The Holder Of Capsule Making Machine, Install The Dose Plate Of Another Specification, And Do Not Tighten The Three Fastening Screws After Installation;

9. Use The Handle To Move The Main Engine Accordingly To Lower The Plunger Seat Plate To The Lowest Position. Distinguish The Two Dose Plate Calibration Rods And Pull Them Out Of The Multiple Different Positions Of The Punch Seat Plate. At This Time, Move Them Carefully And Appropriately. Dosage Disc, So That The Calibration Rod Can Be Pulled Out Of The Hole Smoothly. Then Carefully Rotate And Tighten The Three Screws. If The Calibration Rod Cannot Be Smoothly Pulled Out Of The Dose Plate Hole After Tightening, It Must Be Adjusted From The Beginning Until It Is Smoothly Pulled Out;

10. Install The Powder-Containing Ring And Cover Plate Together From The Front Into Place, Use The Handle To Move The Mechanism, And Tighten The Four Screws That Fix The Powder-Containing Ring. If The Changed Dosage Plate Is Thicker Than The Original Dosage Plate, First Adjust The Powder Divider Upward;

11. Tighten The Cover Fixing Screws, Adjust The Height Of The Powder Dispenser Carefully So That The Gap Between The Powder Dispenser And The Dose Plate Is Between 0.05 And 0.1Mm, And Then Tighten The Lock Nut;

12. Install The Filling Rod, Holder And Pressure Plate In Their Original Positions Of Capsule Filling Machine Automatic, And Tighten The Cap Nut.

capsule making machine

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