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The Most Popular DPP Aluminum Plastic Blister Machine Model

Jul 05, 2021

The most popular automatic high-speed aluminum-plastic blister machine model on the market is DPP 260R. This product is developed, designed and manufactured by our Rich Packing Group.

The following article will select the main technical features of this DPP 260R capsule aluminum-plastic blister machine tablet to introduce.

In the initial working position of the workflow, this DPP 260R is different from other company's products and our company's old products in that it uses a servo motor for material supply.

And the 260R is equipped with a photoelectric sensor to monitor the material supply process, achieving an effect that exceeds the level of peers.

In order to meet the needs of customers for various material packaging of aluminum-plastic blister machines, the 260R can achieve more customized feeding requirements than other old models.

Compared with the products of other peers and other aluminum-plastic blister machine manufacturing plants, the plastic film and aluminum foil were pulled by stepping motors before.

The 260R aluminum plastic machine adopts a servo motor, and the traction also adopts a roller pressing plate type. The surface of the finished aluminum-plastic panel is very smooth and flat, and it will not wrinkle like the finished products made by other aluminum-plastic machines.

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