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The Scope Of Application Of The Zp Series Tablet Press Is Becoming Wider And Wider

Jul 10, 2021
With the development of market demand, the scope of application of tablet presses has become wider and wider, and it is no longer simply limited to the compression of Chinese and Western medicine tablets, but can also be used to compress food and veterinary tablets.

Medicine, chemical tablet: such as mothball sanitary ball, washing block, Smurf block, art powder cake, pesticide tablet, etc., food tablet: chicken essence block, isatis root block, Shenqu tea block, compressed Cookies etc.   

The working process of the tablet press

The working process of the tablet press machine can be divided into the following steps:  

1. The punch position of the down punch (its working position is upward) extends from the lower end of the middle mold hole into the middle mold hole to seal the bottom of the middle mold hole;

2. Use a feeder to fill the middle mold hole with medicine;

3. The punch part of the upper punch (its working position facing downwards) falls from the upper end of the middle die hole into the middle die hole and goes down to compress the powder into tablets;

4. The upper punch lifts out the hole. The downward punching rises to push the tablets out of the middle die hole to complete a tablet pressing process;

5. The undershoot of tablet making machinery drops to the original position, ready for the next filling.
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