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The Wide Application Of Blister Packaging Machine

Sep 17, 2021

1. The molding, heat-sealing, batch numbering, creasing, punching and other equipment of the tablet blister packaging machine are all positioned on the mandrel with racks, and the handle is shaken.

All kinds of equipment can be easily moved on the mandrel. Mobile , The machine is equipped with a ruler, it is convenient to edit, and the positioning is quick and accurate.

tablet blister machine

2. The pharmaceutical blister machine manipulator is hauled by a double swing rod equipment, which increases the adjustable range of the traction stroke and can adapt to the packaging of various sizes of medicine plates.

Mechanical plate heating, positive pressure forming, high and low texture, cylinder heat sealing, active feeding, active indentation, batch numbering, active blanking of plates, simple operation and reliable operation.

3. The positive pressure air molding is equipped with a mechanical punch to ensure the uniformity of the blister molding, which is suitable for packaging large-sized or special-shaped objects such as large dense pills and medical equipment;

with a dedicated active feeder, it can adapt to ampules The packaging of bottles, injections, milk tablets, etc. has a wide range of applications.

4. The main transmission part adopts parallel shaft helical gear acceleration box, and the molding, heat sealing, indentation and other molds are positioned by nails.

The pressure plate is fastened and the positioning is accurate, the blistering mold change is convenient, and the packaging material is saved.

5. In order to facilitate the professional scientific blister machinery to enter the workshop, the fuselage can be implemented in a sub-system according to user requirements.

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