Diversified Types Of Tablets

Jul 10, 2021

Regarding the pharmaceutical manufacturers of tablets, their products are no longer a single round tablet, but have a variety of requirements:

automatic ratory tablet press machine

1. Start from a series of requirements such as ring, square, trapezoid, oval, triangle, sphere, petal shape, deep concave, shallow concave and so on. In order to complete the stamping of these tablet products, the stamping die

Tools of tablet press machine must be customized according to the user's tablet products, most of which are non-standard stamping dies.

The stamping dies for non-circular pieces such as square, trapezoid, triangle, petals, etc. are called special-shaped punches.

Compression mold of tablet compress machine.

The upper punch of the mold must be equipped with the target key turntable to process the key way and the punch rod to complete the tablet press.

2. In terms of color, it is divided into monochromatic film and two-color film. Monochromatic film is made of one material, two-color film must be made of two materials and the suppression of two-color film is to be completed.

In order to complete the depression of the two-color film,There is a need to reform the lower punch guide system of the tablet press to complete two fillings and one tablet formation.

Among them, if you participate in a special piece of filming equipment, you can measure one of them The content of the material is to control the ratio of the two materials in the tablet.

3. Divided into words, letters, graphics, etc. from words with or without words, customize the stamping die according to the user’s tablet product samples, and implement the corresponding Chinese characters or graphics on the stamping die Set to complete the suppression of the tablet.

4. From the perspective of the size of the specifications, there are standard size and super large specifications. Regarding super large tablet products, not only need to customize large size stamping dies, but also change

The pill press machine's structure of the leather press is mainly the filling conditioning system, the pressure conditioning system, the guide system and the turntable.
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