Our company's performance on CIPM

Aug 24, 2021

Qingdao Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition (CIPM) is also known as China Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo-this is a professional exhibition.

blister packing machine

When CIPM was first founded in the twentieth century, RICH PACKING participated in two sessions each year, one in spring and one in autumn.

The reason for our participation is that after 2004, this exhibition was set as a key support exhibition by the Ministry of Commerce of our country.

After 4 years, the exhibition that our company has been participating in was approved by the Ministry of Commerce to be renamed the International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition.

The main products of this exhibition include all kinds of production, processing and testing equipment necessary for the production of western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biopharmaceuticals, botanicals and food.

As a large-scale international pharmaceutical machinery exhibition that is unique in the world, it relies on China's huge potential market. Therefore, RICH PACKINIG needs vigorous efforts to echo and support.

We will bring large-scale blister machines, capsule filling machines, electronic counting machines, cartoning machines and rotary tablet presses to the audience at the two-year exhibition.

blister packaging machinery

At the RICH PACKING booth of nearly 1,000 square meters, we gathered companies from more than 20 countries and regions, including India, Vietnam, the United States, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, and Germany.

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