Please Be Kind To The Company's Customers

Jul 23, 2021

The employees of Guangdong Rich Packing Company, who have more than 28 years of experience in manufacturing capsule counting machines, like Chinese classical literature very much.

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When we communicate with customers of capsule filling machines and aluminum plastic machines, we often chat with each other about Chinese classics. In the ancient Chinese literary work "San Zi Jing".

The first sentence is: at the beginning of man, the nature is good, the nature is similar, and the habits are far apart. The explanation is: when people are just born, they are all kind. Everyone's personality is very similar, but the difference is getting bigger and bigger due to the difference in living environment and learning environment.

From a biological point of view, living things create the environment, and the environment also affects living things. People in the world can be divided into two types. Good guys and bad guys.

Bad people are not born bad people, and good people are not always good people. With the development of the times, people get along with each other cautiously.

Use taciturn to make armor to protect yourself. We are not afraid of giving kindness, but we are afraid that kindness will bring even more unscrupulous harm.

But as the saying goes, there can be gains without paying. Things always need to be paid first, so why don't we pay a little kindness.

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