The Tablet Press Machine Manufacture Workshop

Jun 13, 2021

tablet press

Rich packing invites you to visit our high-speed rotary tablet press workshop specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry.

tablet press machine

This is our rich packing company's workshop specializing in the production of tablet presses, covering an area of more than 2000 square meters. The models of tablet presses include zp17, zp20, zp27d, zp29d, zp35, etc.

rotary tablet press

Next, we will introduce to you our management and production procedures and mechanical production process control system.

tablet press rotary

Now please follow our lens to the place where the tablet press is researched, assembled and inspected.

tablet making machine

The following figure shows the production process system of the tablet press. The whole workshop is mainly divided into raw material storage warehouse, production workshop and test plant site for manufacturing the tablet press.

tablet machine

Due to the limited space, rich packing group is very clear that the production and R & D capabilities of our factory can not be fully demonstrated by just relying on a few pictures on the page.

ratary tablet press machine

Welcome customers who are interested in tablet press to contact us. We rich packing warmly welcome you.
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