Automatic Counting Machine Production Line

Aug 26, 2021

The high-speed counting line developed and produced by our company RICH PACKING is a complete material product counting and bottling line. Its filling objects include medicine capsules, snack foods, candy, small hardware buttons, etc., with a wide range of applications. The entire counting and bottling line consists of a high-speed bottle unscrambler, an electronic intelligent counting machine, a material desiccant filling machine, a bottle aluminum foil sealing machine, a capping machine and a labeling machine. 

counting machine line

All the above machines will run synchronously through the PLC system after they are connected, and ensure the stability of long-term operation. The core part of each machine in the production line adopts a modular design to achieve rapid adjustment and independent use. The entire counting production line can achieve simple and rapid assembly and separation. The outer frame of the complete set of machines is made of excellent 304 stainless steel, and the material contacting part is made of 316 stainless steel, which fully meets GMP requirements.


capsule counting machine line

tablet counting machine line

 The characteristics of RQ high-speed counting production line:


  1-Compatibility is very strong across the board, and it is fully compatible (including special-shaped tablets), soft (transparent, opaque), pills and other solid preparations or granules (such as candies, nuts, candied fruit, etc.).


  2-High level of system intelligence: Each machine adopts a Chinese and English dual language control panel, real-time operation monitoring and alarm function, strong linkage across the board and stable and smooth operation.


  3- Counting and bottling efficiency is high: easy to control and adjust, easy to install and clean, long operation and low maintenance cost. Only three operators are required.


  4- Each counting line equipment can work independently and has an independent PLC operating system. When multiple machines are linked, the separation is fast and the adjustment is fast to ensure that all production processes are synchronized and coordinated.


counting machine line

  5- The workshop area is small (usable area <30 square meters).


  6-The PLC control system adopts the international brand man-machine interface control panel, the operation is straightforward and simple and convenient.


  7-Adopt anti-dust technology to ensure the stable operation of the machine in high dust environment.


        8- The production line is cost-effective and has fewer wearing parts and low cost.


        9- Each component of the production line can be configured according to customer needs, suitable for round and square bottles.

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