Care and warmth during the epidemic

Jun 03, 2021

The virus can be transmitted through a meal, short non direct contact. In late May 2021, due to the detection of a suspected positive person, the second wave of the epidemic came again...

At present, the epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious. In order to better prevent and control the epidemic situation, ensure the health of all employees and ensure the safety of the working environment, the company quickly adjusted the control measures according to the current situation. For the people close to the epidemic point, stop the flow and work at home to ensure the safety of all staff. However, the company is always concerned about the work and living conditions of the employees who are isolated at home and work in the company. It regularly calls and wechat to offer sympathy to the employees, understand their situation at home and at work, and solve their worries and fears at home; And gave the staff psychological first-line assistance: to ensure their own safety and health, life difficulties in a timely manner to the community station and the company response, I believe we work together to tide over the difficulties, certainly overcome the epidemic.

In front of the ruthless virus, scenes of warm scenes staged in the company, also moved all the Reggie people, also feel the company's most sincere care and warmth.

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