The quality of the products is well received by customers

May 28, 2021

Only creating value for customers has always been the internal principle of all employees of the company, and sincere service is the external embodiment of all employees of the company.

On May 18, 2021, Miss Wu, a customer in Taiwan, received the counting machine she ordered in March this year. Miss Wu, a Taiwanese customer, chose our product for the first time. She had some doubts about it. After receiving the product of the grain counting machine, Miss Wu responded that Ruiqi's machine was of excellent quality among the products she had bought, and the machine had been polished and polished, so she would not cut her hand with water chestnut. In the process of product trial operation, Ruiqi's professional sales manager has made detailed answers and communication for customers one by one according to the model characteristics, operation debugging, parameter setting and other process details of the purchased products, which saves customers a lot of time and trouble in product interpretation, and gets customers' praise at the same time.

The company provides high-quality products and professional services to customers, and has won the respect and trust of customers.

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