China's Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Is About To Have A Bright Future

Sep 18, 2021

In the recent years, with the rapid growth of my country China's economy and the gradual increase in the scale of medical and health expenditures, my country's the pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly.

capsule filling machine

In order to further promote the development of my country's the pharmaceutical industry, the many pharmaceutical companies continue to introduce the new technologies and equipment to improve the production efficiency and the quality.

The author will take you to RICH PACKING. It is reported that the company introduced the international advanced technology ("blow molding-filling-sealing" technology) in 2009, which is used in the production of capsule filling machines, aluminum-plastic blister machines and rotary tablet presses.

Today, through years of practice, the company has accumulated rich experience in pharmaceutical and packaging machinery production technology innovation and management capabilities.

In order to pursue high product quality and efficiency, RICH PACKING began to introduce the domestic advanced CNC machining centers in 2009, and regained inspection methods with advanced instruments, and gradually formed a strict quality assurance system.

As the "engine" of the pharmaceutical production, the pharmaceutical equipment is undoubtedly conducive to the improvement of the quality of pharmaceuticals and the efficiency of the pharmaceutical production at the same time as the improvement of its technology.

blister machine

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