New High-Speed Automatic Intelligent Counting Machine Production Line

Jun 28, 2021

On June 20th, our after-sales team replaced the automatic electronic counting machine displayed by GMP.

tablet counting machine line

The replacement object is the old store 16-channel electronic counting machine (RQ-DSL-16B) which was previously placed in the exhibition hall. We replaced it with the newly developed and independently removable electronic counting machine (RQ-DSL-16H) high-end upgrade Style.

This 16H electronic counting machine complies with GMP, CE and cGMP standards.

In terms of the core function of the optoelectronic module, an independent one-to-one system unit is adopted, and each channel can independently complete the work process of several particles.

And the matching front-end and back-end equipment were also replaced at the same time, the bottle unscrambler with Siemens intelligent PLC console, and the desiccant plug-in machine driven by a servo motor.

If you have plans to go to China for business work, you can get in touch with us, and you are welcome to visit our new GMP showroom.
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