Product Sharing Session Of Pharmaceutical Counting Machine

Jul 05, 2021

All employees of our Rich Packing company are actively eager to become outstanding talents, and hope that their familiar and mastered electronic counting machine product knowledge can bring help to their current work.

tablet counting and bottling machine

The realization of these goals requires continuous accumulation of knowledge training on the tablet counting machine, so as to achieve the path of learning and growth.

Guangdong Rich Packing Company sets the training of talents and the career growth of employees as the permanent focus of attention.

For each Rich Packing employee, the company's human resources department provides scientific, effective and targeted employee training programs based on the growth experience and learning ability of each employee.

June 28, 2021 is a monthly fixed time for product knowledge sharing and skills training in capsule counting machine.

The training sharing meeting was held in the company meeting room at 14:00 on time.

This time the focus of learning is on the experience sharing session of our new capsule tablet counting machine. All employees of the company actively participated and spoke.

The entire sharing session lasted for 3 hours, during which every colleague exchanged and shared the product knowledge he had mastered and understood.

Let us look forward to next month's Rich Packing company product knowledge sharing meeting!
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