Rich Packing Continues To Improve Product Quality

Jun 29, 2022
In addition to focusing on innovation, product quality is also an aspect that Guangdong RICH PACKING attaches great importance to. In order to continuously improve product quality, we have been continuously investing in technology, service, and management.

blister machine

Technically, all of our pharmaceutical and packaging machinery, not only the mechanical structure of capsule filling machine, man-machine interface of tablet counting machine, and control software of blister packing machine, are developed by the company’s R&D team in a one-stop manner, combined with the coordinated work of the design department, to achieve reliable overall performance and quality.

The company also introduced a number of high-precision CNC machining centers from SNK New Nihon Koki for processing core control modules. At the same time, the company has a variety of high-end safety performance, environmental performance and other reliability test equipment to ensure the electrical components of the product The quality is safe and reliable for long-term operation; it is also equipped with various mechanical testing instruments and equipment to ensure the precision and life of mechanical processing.

In terms of service, RICH PACKING can quickly consider all aspects of mechanical structure, control hardware, algorithm counting and other aspects within the company and provide timely feedback for any installation and operation problems or reasonable requirements raised by our customers in the use of machinery and equipment solution.
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