The Rich Packing Live Show Continues

Jul 16, 2021

The live broadcast of our Rich Packing company will continue at 15:30 on July 16th.

capsule counting machine

The live broadcast theme on the 16th is a real-time reception by business managers and product managers. 

Any customer who needs information or solutions or customized needs can do so.

Ask for consultation directly online in real time.

All inquiries will be answered online one by one, and similar needs will be explained on-site according to the prepared plan.

This live broadcast will include all our main products, aluminum-plastic blister machine, capsule filling machine, electronic counting machine, rotary tablet press, high-speed automatic loading

Box machines, as well as coating machines and other products.

The live content will be broadcast live on our official website, Youtube channel Richpacking Machinery and online e-commerce platform.

At that time, our live broadcaster will introduce the history of our company Rich Packing, factories, workshops, product development, offline exhibitions, online platforms and other aspects. 

The key customized machinery parts will be combined by our product managers and business managers. To answer, you are welcome to come to our live broadcast platform to watch.

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