Sep 04, 2021

General machinery, pharmaceutical packaging and processing machinery and industrial parts, large machinery and equipment, power and power equipment, various large, medium and small construction and agricultural machinery...

capsule filling machine

How do these "hard core" mechanical products appear online? There are a lot of participation offline Topics faced by exhibition companies.

As the "old Canton Fair", Guangdong Ruiqi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.'s approach is to contact old customers early and use the Canton Fair platform to protect outstanding customer relationships.

At the same time, new promotion methods such as live broadcast are used to discover new customers.

Established in 1993, RICH PACKING packaging machinery is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of rotary tablet presses, capsule filling machines, blister packaging machines, automatic counting machines and automatic cartoning machines.

blister packing machine

It is UCB, GSK and Guangdong Pharmaceutical Group, etc. Supplier of well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad.

The company’s foreign trade director MARY informed the reporter that with the experience of participating in the two sessions of the“Cloud”Canton Fair, Guangdong Ruiqi Packaging Machinery’s innovative marketing method this year produced short videos and created a brand-new live broadcast room.

After multiple live broadcasts, English was used. In two languages, Portuguese and Portuguese, we will display and promote its leading product-DPP blister packaging machine in an all-round way.

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