Rich Packing's Super September On Alibaba

Sep 04, 2021

This 2021 year's annual Alibaba International Station September Purchasing Festival kicked off passionately at 15:00 on September 1st at the Beijing time.

The online live broadcast launched by the Alibaba International Station of our Rich Packing Packaging Machinery Company is very attractive to overseas buyers.

blister machine

We Rich Packing conducted the first live marketing campaign from 17:00 to 19:00 on September 1st, Beijing time.

RICH PACKING which is in the filed TOP 2 of Ali International Station, has just started in September, and the set goal is almost complete.

Since RICH PACKING entered the international station in 2015, the company's performance has maintained a 50% growth rate every year.

Guang dong Rich Packing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has opened a store on Alibaba International Station for more than 6 years.

At the opening of the September Purchasing Festival, it received orders for capsule filling machines and capsule counting machines from old customers in Singapore.

capsule filling machine

This is the first merchant to receive an order in this year's RICH PACKING September Purchasing Festival.

At the September Purchasing Festival in 2021, our RICH PACKING will conduct 7 live broadcasts on Alibaba including automatic cartoning machine and blister packing machine. We will welcome all customers in the live broadcast room.

pharmaceutical factory

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