RICH PACKING Humanity Care Held The Birthday Party For Company Employees

Sep 04, 2021

RICH PACKING has a lot of diversified expressions on its employees' concern, which is to build our mutual caring corporate civilization.

Our Ruiqi Packaging Machinery Company holds birthday parties for employees who celebrate their birthdays every year.

We want to use such activities to make employees truly feel the same care as their families, and to improve our partners' sense of identity and belonging to the company.

On September 4th, the company organized our logistics team to celebrate the birthday of colleagues who had their birthday on that day.

Although it looks like a small event, it expresses the warmth and warmth within the company as between family members, and at the same time shows the life value of employees, and enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of employees.

On the one hand, improving the work initiative of employees is also an aspect of advocating the civilization and implementation of humanized management of Ruiqi blister packaging machine company.

Celebrating the birthday of employees is already part of the corporate culture of Richpacking Capsule Filling Machine Company. It implements the concept of remuneration and expresses one of the actions of harmonious management.

Although it is just a small measure of our rotary tablet press company, it strongly shows the company's care for employees, and it is bound to play a role in mobilizing the enthusiasm of RICH PACKING's love and dedication. It can be said that sincere care is flying in every corner of Ruiqi.

Happy singing and laughter films, all wishes and greetings have been injected into the hearts of "RICH PACKING" people, I hope they know each other and let the sincere friendship flow forever in the hearts of "RICH PACKING" people like mountains and rivers!

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