The Changes of GMP Counting Machine Exhibition Hall in Our Company

Jun 27, 2021
The GMP exhibition hall specially prepared by our company for visiting customers displays several main equipment of our company.

automatic tablet counting machine

In our 28 years of production of pharmaceutical machinery and packaging machinery, our key products are aluminum plastic blister machine, capsule tablet counting machine and automatic capsule filling machine.

At the end of last week, we replaced the electronic counting machine displayed in GMP exhibition hall.

The old capsule counting machine was replaced by the modular capsule counting machine developed by the company.

This modular high-speed electronic grain counting machine, based on the data of 60 grains per bottle, can realize the efficiency of 100 bottles per hour. And this 16h can ensure the bottling accuracy of more than 99.98%.

Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our newly upgraded GMP exhibition hall. Rich packing company welcomes you.
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