Our Company's Best-Selling Capsule Filling Machine

Jun 18, 2021

Our Company's Best-Selling Capsule Filling Machine

automatic capsule filling machine

Most of the medicines used in capsules are powders or granules that have strong irritation to the esophagus or gastric mucous, or are easy to volatilize, difficult to take, easy to be broken down by saliva in the mouth, or easy to inhale the tracheal powder and cause cough.

Filling these medicines into capsules not only protects the properties of the medicines from mechanical damage, but also protects the digestive organs and respiratory tract.

The annual demand for the global capsule market is about 1.4 trillion capsules, and the domestic demand for capsules is about 300 billion capsules.

Under such market demand, the development and design of fully automatic capsule machines cannot be delayed.

In the research and development of the automatic capsule filling machine, Guangdong Ruiqi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has made many improvements.

high speed capsule filling machine

The NJP-1200C automatic capsule filling machine developed and produced by it is more efficient and more user-friendly in operation.

The NJP-1200C automatic capsule filling machine has a wide range of applications.

For the filling of powder or pellets, the automatic capsule machine automatically completes the processes of sowing, dividing, filling, rejecting, locking the capsule, and outputting the finished product.

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