The Development Prospect Of Tablet Press Machine

Aug 09, 2021

In fact, in recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical market, tablet press manufacturers have ushered in good opportunities and challenges.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, tablet press manufacturers are no longer pursuing a single sales, but according to customer needs, go all out to help customers solve problems and provide customers with thoughtful services.

Therefore, in this context, the tablet press industry and enterprises have also begun to continuously strengthen the pace of transformation and innovation.

Guangdong Rich Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. keeps innovating. The ZP-41/51/55 series of high-speed tablet press machine launched by the company have attracted much attention from the market.

According to reports, the whole machine adopts double-sided film ejection and double press type, which has the advantages of large punching dies, high output and suitable for large-scale production; a new stable press system with pre-compression, long press time, and small difference in film weight stability.

However, some people in the industry pointed out that some of the automatic rotary tablet press products in my country have made great breakthroughs, but there are also many tablet press products without technical content in the market.

For example, some products have similar structures, similar functions, and even production processes.

In order to better adapt to the development of the industry and meet the needs of users, my country's tablet press industry needs to continue to develop in the direction of high-speed and high-yield, air tightness, modularity, automation, and scale, and continue to increase innovation to add points to its products. In this way, in the highly competitive tablet press market, more market share and users' favor can be obtained.

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