The Working Principle Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

May 12, 2021

1、capsule movement

During the intermittent capsule filling machine , the movement of the capsule is dependent on the partition box for continuous dis continuous rotation .The filling volume of the capsule is mainly determined by the volume of the measuring disc hole .

In the capsule hop per , the hollow capsule , the main board moves up and down , the capsule into the capsule groove , and then by the horizontal fork vertical plug into the capsule cap into the top , the bottom into the module , and the capsule under the action of vacuum suction , and then the module into the powder filling station.

2、Drug Powder Fill

The sensor in the powder ring controls the spiral feeding rod above it , * the addition of the powder to make the powder ring constant height , intermittently rotating at the measuring plate , five groups of tamping rods successively consolidate the powder in the measuring plate hole , and in the filling station , push the medicine column into the capsule .After that , we will enter the capsule waste , capsule lock , finished capsule discharge , module cleaner position , and then enter a new round of station cycle , again and again.

Now , with the continuous improvement of the filling technology , the automatic capsule filling machine is becoming higher and higher automated , and the filling speed is getting faster and faster , from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of filling per hour .Therefore , the equipment confirmation and commissioning must be done before production . After the equipment is abnormal , the problem point should be found timely and accurately to make correct adjustment to ensure the operation of the equipment , so as to improve the production efficiency and ensure the product quality .Otherwise , once the equipment problem may produce a large number of bad products in a very short time , resulting in unnecessary waste , resulting in the decline of the product pass rate.

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