What's Difference Between The Two-Color Sheet Press And The Ordinary Sheet Press?

May 12, 2021

The Two - color chip press presses two different colors into one material , and the suppressed material does not interfere with each other . Due to two - color suppression , there are some differences with ordinary chip press in many aspects , for example :

1. upper wheel frame device

The upper cover of the two - color press is an integral cast , groove with a pressure wheel , it is set on the crank shaft , the mechanical rod at the outer end of the shaft connected to the spiral spring , compression increases the distance between the upper and lower pressure wheels , reduce the pressure to protect the safe use of the mold and mold , adjust the pressure rotation handle to change the length of the spring , so that the pressure of the spring is enough .

2. upper rail device

The guide disk is disc - shaped and embedded with a heat treated rail secured by screws and the grooves at the rear of the bore extending along the convex edges of the rail moving up and down .

3、 rotary table unit

The turntable is an integral cast with a vertically evenly distributed mold hole , overall set on a fixed vertical axis , and the entire turntable holds all heads and rotates clockwise .

4. drive shaft with clutch unit

The drive shaft of the two - color press is mounted horizontally in the bearing bracket with a worm , a test hand wheel on the front , a cone disc clutch , a handle control switch and a parking space , the contact of the clutch is transmitted through the pressure of the coil spring , if the load exceeds the pressure of the spring , it will slip , so will not seriously damage the machine .

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