Welcome to the Production Workshop of Aluminum Plastic Blister Machine

Jun 18, 2021

After nearly 30 years of struggle and accumulated experience, our company has established a production base of nearly 10000 square meters in Zhejiang Province, in which the workshop area for manufacturing aluminum-plastic blister machine exceeds 2000 square meters.

Let me introduce the high-end aluminum plastic blister packing machine 260r produced by this professional workshop.

automatic blister pack machine

Blister packing machine is extremely excellent and professional in solid type materials packing and it has been sold to numerous countries and regions and it has successfully obtained numerous praises from customers.

The customers at homeland or abroad deeply appreciate it and we have been professional in making pharmaceutical and packing machines for many years thus we are professional.

It is extremely excellent in it stop high speed which can successfully and timely meet the urgent orders of clients.

DPP 260 R-type Blister packing machine is extremely excellent in its cleaning and maintenance due to its scientific and reasonable design of large platform.

It is excellent in its setting of the PVC and PET fragments stop as well as automatic alarm which can efficiently reduce the waste rate of product to ensure the raw material usage.

The whole set of mould can be quickly to replace for users and it can be rapidly and convenient installed within an extremely short time of 10 minutes.

Blister packer machine has an extremely high degree of safety because all the parts of this equipment are equipped with safety covers to safely protect the people who use it.

This equipment completely meets the standard rules of GMP cGMP CE ISO and we have our own professional team in our professional factory.

This blister pack machinery is extremely excellent in its noise pollution protection because it is extremely low in noise of less than <75dBA to ensure relatively quiet environment.

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