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Aug 22, 2021
The professional factory of Guangdong Guangzhou city Ruiqi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian City of a very modern and has the professional coastal province in China of Zhejiang Province, with a good beautiful environment.

capsule filling machine

Guangdong Guangzhou Rich Packing that making rotary tablet press, specializes in manufacturing aluminum-plastic packaging machine, these capsule filling machine and etc.

Guangdong Guangzhou Ruiqi production factory also makes high-speed bottled and bagged high-speed cartoning machines, and makes these electronic counting machines that can counting all kinds of small items like as candy tablets and capsules.

With professional team of more than 120 people, Guangdong Guangzhou Ruiqi can provide RQ customers with all the services required by all these customers, including booking, the customs declaration, customs clearance and the exhibition.

Guangdong Guangzhou RQ Ruiqi company has gathered a huge number of talents in production technology and design, and there were dozens of senior design and technical workers.

capsule fiiler machine

RQ company Guangdong Guangzhou Ruiqi has passed various quality system certifications, like all these ISO / CE / UL, and continuously absorbed and innovated through continuous learning.

We are committed to providing you Guangzhou Guangdong RQ customers with world-class products and excellent services.

We have established the whole professional R & D team for pharmaceutical and packaging equipment to make the most suitable machines for all pharmaceutical industries.

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