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NJY 300C Oil Capsule Liquid Filling Machine

For Filling Hard Capsule With Oil Liquid Solution | Provide Door-To-Door On-Site Service|Only 14 Minutes to Change Mold|3 Years Warranty|2 Weeks Delivery|Global On-Site Service|Factory Price|Producing Capsule Filler Filling Machine Since 1993|Lifetime Free Maintenance and Spare Parts. Global Capsule Filling Machine On-Site Services|Precise Capsule Filling for #00 to #3|Passed SGS,CE,ISO,GMP

  • Product Name

    NJPY-300C Liquid Capsule Filling Machine
  • Certification

    cGMP CE ISO SGS and etc.
  • Lead Time

    14 Days Fast Delivery.
  • Loading Port

    Yantian Port, Shenzhen / Yangshan Port, Shanghai
  • Product Function:

    For Hard Shell Capsule Size 000,00,0,1,2,3,4,5# Filling
  • After-Sales Provided:

    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  • Warranty:

    3 Years
  • MOQ.:

  • Product Detail

NJY 300C Oil Capsule Liquid Filling Machine By Rich Packing




capsule filling auto

capsule liquid filling machine

automatic capsule filling machine

automatic capsule filling machine


auto capsule filler


liquid capsule filling machine size 1

capsule filling company


Why is the RICH PACKING oily filled gelatin hard shell hollow capsule liquid filling machine running so stable? Because the NJY300C type model comes with a very good precision and real time running detection system, once a machine error occurs during operation, this capsule machine will eliminate that part of the defective product in real time. ***  Applications

***  The another important guarantee of 300C is that the super enclosed structure of the NJY model capsule machine will effectively prevent the powder and dust brought by the external environment from entering the capsule machine’s inner turntable.

***  So the capsuling operation is stable and the error’s rate is extremely low during the running process of completing the capsuling production of hard shell capsule products.

***  This capsule liquid filling machine adopts the fully auto functions, and the structure of the quick mould changing ensures that the complete set of moulds can be replaced within fourteen minutes, while 300C also protecting the material capsule packaging materials.

***  Why choose ours NJY-300C model? The time for changing moulds be shortened to 14 minutes. This efficiency making more time for the pharmaceutical factory to use for other tasks.

This type of hard shell capsule liquid filling machine and making machine only needs to spend a very small amount of the production cost, but 300C can bring considerable production capacity to pharmaceutical and packing factories. 
The RICH PACKING’s NJY 300C equipped with the heart of the intelligent system will automatically display the various states and the data in the running process on the CNC machining visual screen, effectively improving the efficiency of capsuling production and the troubleshooting.

***  Technical parameter

Production capacity


Net weight of machine


Overall size of machine



380V    50Hz

Total power


No.of segment bores




Making rate

Empty capsule 99.9%   Full capsule 99.8%

Filling error


Applicable product

00-3# gelatin capsule, methyl cellulose, plant capsule


***  Configuration





Touch screen



Germany Siemens




Germany Siemens

Frequency converter



Taiwan Delta

Intermediate relay




AC Contactor







Taiwan Mingwell

Main Motor



Germany SEW

Servo Motor



Japan Yaskawa

Vacuum pump(dry)



Japan Orion

Detection optical fiber



Japan Keyence

Ceramic pump




Transmission bearing







Taiwan Safepower


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