How Does The Capsule Filling Machine Work

Jul 05, 2021

Our company's equipment mainly faces large groups or factories in the pharmaceutical industry.

The procurement process of large manufacturing companies is completed by the procurement department, such as the NJP capsule filling machine used to fill hollow capsules.

capsule filling machine size 4

The production personnel are really familiar with and understand the capsule machine.

Therefore, how to make users grasp the functions and advantages of the capsule machine more simply and clearly is the key to our RICH PACKING company's marketing and operation department.

On June 21st, our company organized a positive and open exchange meeting, the purpose is to find a better one that can actively impress customers and solve customer needs through communication between business personnel, production personnel and operations personnel.

During the entire communication process, colleagues shared the information about the users in the front line of the business, and the points that users are more concerned about;

they also shared how to make it easier and faster for users to understand and use our company’s capsule filling The focus of the machine.

Although the entire training duration is only 2 hours, the rich content and strong pertinence have greatly broadened the ideas of every colleague participating in the training.

Now our employees are looking forward to regular contact and exchange meetings about automatic capsule filling machine between departments, so that the employees of the company can improve their mutual harmony while learning.
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