"Spoilers" In The Pharmaceutical Industry Planning In 2022

Jul 05, 2022
There is only half a month left in the balance of 2021. Since the end of the year, in addition to summing up, various pharmaceutical machinery companies have also listed clearer goals for the plan for 2022.

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Guangdong RICH PACKING plans to increase its revenue and net profit by no less than 20% over 2021 next year. In the next stage, efforts will be made from both product and market aspects. Among them, the product aspect includes increasing efforts to maintain existing advantages, focusing on the development of fully automatic capsule filling machines and blister packaging machines, and developing smart new products.

Most of the talents recruited by Guangdong RICH PACKING at the end of the year are also for the development of international business, including international marketing specialists, international recruitment supervisors/senior specialists, international business development managers, international service engineers and many other positions. We continue to deepen the international market, strengthen the promotion of new products, and steadily increase the international market share of high-speed rotary tablet presses.

In addition to the international layout, it has increased R&D investment, continued to upgrade equipment, developed innovative pharmaceutical equipment, high-end biomedical equipment and other businesses with high prosperity and strong market demand in recent years, and accelerated import substitution. It is also a lot of pharmaceutical machinery companies. The direction of the next force.

In general, pharmaceutical machinery companies are currently increasing their international layout by recruiting talents and forming teams. In terms of products, high-end and intelligent pharmaceutical equipment has become the direction of development.

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