The Cro Industry Has Entered An Explosive Period, And Pharmaceutical Equipment Companies Have Also Seized The Opportunity To Actively Deploy

Jul 05, 2022
With the release of a series of good policies such as the new medical reform, pharmaceutical enterprises pay more and more attention to pharmaceutical innovation and R & D. coupled with the improvement of R & D strength and internal management level of domestic pharmaceutical cro enterprises, the cro industry has ushered in an opportunity for vigorous development under this background. The industry expects that under the general trend of international transfer of pharmaceutical R & D, domestic cro enterprises will continue to make profits for a long time, and the industry will continue to maintain high-speed growth.

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According to the data, the scale of China's cro industry has increased from 13.6 billion yuan in 2011 to 67.8 billion yuan in 2018, with an average annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of more than 20%, and the CAGR will remain at 20% ~ 25% in the next three years. According to industry estimates, by 2023, China's cro market is expected to reach US $17.2 billion.

Facing the broad market blue ocean, many enterprises enter the market. For example, some pharmaceutical enterprises such as Guangdong rich packaging company, which is mainly engaged in capsule filling machine, blister packaging machine and rotary tablet press, are layout CRO field.

It is reported that pharmaceutical R & D service is an important step to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain of pharmaceutical equipment and gradually develop from pharmaceutical equipment suppliers to comprehensive solution providers providing pharmaceutical enterprise customers with one-stop pharmaceutical services such as process development, equipment whole line procurement and project application. The company's development of characteristic cro business combined with pharmaceutical equipment and technology can further improve the technical level of business, establish differentiated business advantages, establish unique market competitiveness and build industrial ecology.

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