The New Regulations Clarify The Innovation And Development Of The Traditional Chinese Medicine Equipment Industry

Jul 05, 2022
Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of the Chinese nation. In recent years, with the advancement of favorable policies and the development of information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G communications, the Chinese medicine industry has ushered in new opportunities. At the same time, the people's expectations for health care have gradually shifted from focusing on treating diseases to focusing on health management. In this context, accelerating the development of Chinese medicine in the new era is of great significance.

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It is reported that in order to accelerate the development of traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation, build a strong province of traditional Chinese medicine in the new era, and maintain people’s life safety and health, Sichuan Province recently issued the "Sichuan Province’s Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the High-Quality Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine". It is divided into nine chapters, mainly including promoting the high-quality development of the Chinese medicine industry, promoting the open development of Chinese medicine, and consolidating the support for the development of Chinese medicine.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of promoting the high-quality development of the Chinese medicine industry, the plan also proposes to innovate and develop the Chinese medicine equipment industry. Actively strive to undertake the pilot construction of national TCM key technical equipment, and focus on supporting the development of TCM diagnosis and treatment equipment, TCM capsule filling machines, tablet blister packaging machines, TCM tablet rotary tablet presses, etc., around the needs of the modern development of TCM, and cultivate TCM Equipment industry cluster. Seize the golden opportunity for the development of smart Chinese medicine equipment, aim at key areas such as home smart health services, smart diagnosis and treatment, smart pharmacies, smart picking of Chinese medicinal materials, smart processing equipment, and sophisticated production equipment, and promote the listing of smart Chinese medicine equipment with market competitiveness . Encourage and support the development of intelligent Chinese medicine manufacturing industrial parks where conditions permit.

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