High Speed Blister Packing And Cartoning Machine Production Line

Jul 06, 2021

Every June is the peak sales season for our company's DPP aluminum-plastic blister machine.

blister packing machinery

This week, many customers from inland China visited and inspected the latest DPP260R aluminum-plastic blister machine in the company’s GMP exhibition hall, and negotiated the detailed parameters and purchase quantity of the 260R aluminum-plastic machine.

Our business business MARY, the manager in charge, gave a detailed explanation and communication throughout the whole process.

Through a full-day on-site inspection process of DPP aluminum plastic machines, we further strengthened our customers’ understanding and trust in Rich Packing.

These two customers in Shanghai and Zhejiang put forward their own needs according to their respective situations. Our product managers targeted A preliminary solution was proposed.

The company's general manager Petty and business manager MARY accompanied the customer to visit the high-speed automatic cartoning machine that can be matched with the aluminum-plastic machine.

Under normal circumstances, after completing the aluminum-plastic blister packaging process of materials, customers will need to box the aluminum-plastic panels.

Petty and Mary led them to the company's exhibition hall and introduced the functions of the high-speed aluminum blistering panel cartoning production line in detail one by one before the cartoning machine, and gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the customers one by one, and fully received the two customers’ advice.

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