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ZP 17D Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine

14 Days Delivery | Round | Ring | Special | Multicolor | Pharmaceutical Tablet Press | For Industrial Making Tablets | Automatic High Speed Tablet Pressing | Producing Tablet Press Since 1993 | Factory Price | For Tablet Press Into Various Shapes | Provide Door-To-Door Overseas On Site Service | Free Tablet Press Maintenance For Life | One Year Free Spare Parts|Passed SGS / CE / ISO / cGMP

  • Product Name

    ZP-17D Tablet Press Machine
  • After-Sales Provided

    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  • Warranty

  • Lead Time

    14 Days Fast Delivery.
  • Product Function:

    For Tablet Pill Pressing
  • Certification:

    cGMP CE ISO SGS and etc.
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  • Loading Port:

    Yantian Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
  • Product Detail

ZP 17D Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine By Rich Packing

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***  Technical parameter







Dies No.






Max. Pressure


80 kn

60 kn

60 kn


Max. Dia. of Tablet


25 mm

20 mm

13 mm

12 mm


28 mm

15 mm

15 mm

15 mm

15 mm

Max.Thickness of Tablet

10 mm

6 mm

6 mm

6 mm

6 mm

Rotary Speed


30 r/min

30 r/min

30 r/min

30 r/min

Max. Production Capacity

13200 pc/h

27000 pc/h

30600 pc/h

34200 pc/h

37800 pc/h









***  Configuration



Frequency converter




touch screen


Main motor

Shanghai Hengli



Indicator light


Emergency stop switch


Speed regulating resistance




Intermediate contactor




Key switch


main body

HT150 rich packing


HT300 rich packing

Upper roller frame

HT150 rich packing

Upper and lower pressing wheels

GCr15 rich packing

Upper and lower rails

GCr15 rich packing

Worm gear box

WPWKO155 rich packing


45# rich packing

The Zp 17 D type pill compression tablet machine press not only has these advantages in high pressure, the wide tablet range, and has the pressure overload maintenance protect equipment, but also equipped with fast response pressure overload maintenance equipment and automatic door opening detection device to prevent the accidental touch. It can intelligently set the machine to close, and it can automatically stop when occur overloaded in order to prevent equipment damage.

***  Stable structure and chain conveyor belt in ZP17D.

The turntable of these pill compress tablet press device using a clockwise rotation direction, and the entire operation running process is orderly.

***  Turntable made of integrated cast iron of ZP17D.

The turntable solid pressure rod made by the special material processing has high hardness, the heat resistance and the wear resistance and the good system stability. 

***  Pressure protection device and the aviation-grade power plug in ZP17D.

The dust suction collection system of the turntable has added a lot of high and low suction ports, and the effects of pill compress tablet press machinery removing the material powder is super good. 

***  Why should choose our's ZP17D tablet press machine?

The starting point of the multiple ports design are to always keep the working environment of the turntable cleaning and safe.
Our customer base has in the regional coverage from the all continents. 
We have resident high quality after-sales engineers on these multiple continents, so that our goal is to be able to arrive at the field in time and deal with problems quickly for the customers.

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