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RQ-16H Gummy Counting Bottling Machine

Lead Time of 15 Days and free 1 hour professional solution 6S Lean Patented Bottling Gummy Counting Machinery Supplier. 3 Y Warranty, Fortune Top 500 Partner, Patented CE Counting Bottling Gummy Machine. cGmp, UL, CE, Profession Gummy Counting Bottling Machine Automatic Lead Time in 15 Days.

  • Product Name

    DSL 16 H Automatic Counting Machine
  • Product Function:

    Counting Tablet / Capsule / Pill / Candy/Button
  • After-Sales Provided:

    Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  • Warranty:

  • Certification:

    cGMP CE ISO SGS and etc
  • Lead Time:

    7 Days Fast Delivery
  • MOQ.:

  • Loading Port:

    Yantian, Shenzhen / Yangshan, Shanghai
  • Product Detail

RQ-16H Gummy Counting Bottling Machine

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gummy counting machine capsule

auto gummy counter

auto gummy counter machine

automatic gummy counter

gummy counter machine

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vitamin counting machine

RQ-16H specifically designed for counting gummies, and RQ-16H counting gummy machine with wide application, suitable for counting various of milk tablets oil gummies and candies in the range of 3-130 mm.
With 29 years experience in the field of gummies bottling and packaging machinery and solution, we Rich Packing customize the flexible whole solutions for over 4200 customers, with field overseas debugging commission and tech support, DDU/DDP service.
We are Leading Manufacturer, of more than 7 international invention patents, as a leading manufacturer of food and packaging machinery in China, Rich Packing is the SGS certification first class supplier, one-hand EX-Factory price and lead time in 8 days.
Kinds of newly design device as the Hopper Rollers, better disperse gummies; Special Sliding Piece Prevent gummy no sticky together; Cellular Structure Channel could Fully disperse gummies. High gummy counting precision of 16H ,using the independent scanning infrared system module, bottling packing gummies oiled accuracy rate far exceeding the industry standard is more than 99.98%.
The counting core channel adopts a fully enclosed design to prevent dust from outside falling into inside, avoiding causing the short circuit of signal. The whole oiled gummy counting machine adopts a modular cylinder valve system, easily to maintain and clean. The counting gummy machine automatic adopts the pneumatic vibration bottling method,bottling speed is increased by 50% compared with the counterparts.

Model RQ-DSL-16H
Vibration groove tracks 16 lane
Production capacity 260000 ~ 460000 pcs/h
Accuracy rate >99.98%
Filling range 1~ 9999 grains
Applicable bottle type Φ25~110mmround and square bottle, height 30-240mm

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